- A song must not have been sent in previous editions of the contest.
- Songs must be a maximum of roughly 5 minutes. I'll accept a few seconds over, but not minutes over.
- Joke entries are allowed, but try to keep it somewhat serious. I don't want a 5 minute loop of a 30 second meme. Also try to avoid very vulgar songs.
- The song must be a Youtube video.
- If there is copyright issues, another version of the song must be found. If the song has already been submitted, anyone who gets copyright issues will not be required to listen to it.

- Up to 3 songs can be entered per user.
- Songs must be sent in private message to me, Yqt1001.

- You can only enter one country into the contest, however you can send multiple songs.
- Countries must be on the Official USF map (located here) to be eligible to participate.
- Every participating country is required to vote.
- The country does not need to be yours, however you need permission from the leader to send it to Univision.

- If you have yet to submit a flag, you must submit one.
- The flag sizes I need are: 165x110 and 40x25. I can do the resizing if necessary.

- Any forum member who does not submit a song may participate as a jury member.
- Simply listen to the songs and submit your votes to me (same voting rules apply).
- Jury votes must be submitted in a PM to me, Yqt1001, like participant votes.

- You cannot vote for entries you submitted.
- If you are participating, you are required to vote or else your entries will be disqualified and will receive 0 points.
- Everyone who votes will need to give me a ranking of their 10 favourite songs. This will be converted into the following points: 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.
- Tie breaking is the following: song with the most number of voters wins; the same number of voters makes it based on running order.
- The song with the most points wins!

- Votes must be sent in private message to me, Yqt1001.